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Our trial simulations and focus groups use a carefully selected pool of jurors. Read testimonials from attorneys across the region about our line of services.

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Verdict Services Inc. is a company based in Duluth, Georgia, offering trial simulations for attorneys nationwide. Whether you practice with a mock trial, a jury focus group, or even an online survey, the opportunity to present your case to jurors before the actual trial is invaluable. Established in 2006, VSI works with attorneys who come back time and again because we offer effective and affordable jury insight.

We have a proven track record of recruiting, screening, and selecting citizen jurors with the same demographic, geographic, and socioeconomic characteristics as the population of your actual trial venue. Each member of the pool understands that they are helping to decide real cases and take their duties seriously. Our staff provides personal contact throughout the process to ensure your satisfaction, as well as free consultations.

Contact us in Duluth, Georgia, for mock trial and jury focus group services that provide valuable insight into your case.